IOL PennsylvaniaThe ability to quickly change focus between distances is called “accommodation.” Crystalens is the only accommodating IOL. When placed in the eye, the same ciliary muscles that previously controlled the natural lens' shape can create accommodation in the Crystalens. The muscles push it forward for near vision, and pull back a little for distance vision. 

Crystalens, by Bausch + Lomb, is currently one of the only FDA-approved intraocular lenses (IOL) that uses a method called accommodation, enabling sharper vision at multiple distances for people who have undergone cataract surgery

How Can Crystalens Help My Vision?

The Crystalens IOL shifts its position to adjust with the action of eye muscles and movement to improve eyesight. 

A Crystalens is ideal because, beginning at around middle-age, most people lose the ability to see at multiple distances due to the occurrence of presbyopia, an age-related condition that necessitates the use of reading glasses. This condition develops when the eye's natural lens focusing system grows more rigid and can no longer move or change shape sufficiently enough to enable sight at all distances.

If you receive a standard IOL during your procedure instead of one that corrects or minimizes presbyopia, you may have great distance vision but likely would need reading glasses following cataract surgery.

In June of 2008, the FDA approved the "HD" or high-definition version of Crystalens. This version of Crystalens incorporates an improved optic design enabling better near vision, without hampering distance or intermediate vision. According to Bausch + Lomb, the Crystalens HD is less likely to cause side effects of glare or halos at night.  In the U.S., clinical studies involving 125 patients implanted with the Crystalens HD, 80 percent achieved 20/20 or better near vision quality.

In early 2010, Bausch + Lomb introduced another version of the IOL — the Crystalens Aspheric Optic (AO). This lens has an elongated shape designed to improve contrast sensitivity and reduce higher order aberrations that can distort vision.

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