Tecnis Multi-Focal Lens PennsylvaniaThe Tecnis IOL is a clear intra-ocular lens (IOL) that replaces the eye's natural lens and restores vision including night vision. The Tecnis IOL is implanted during cataract surgery

While some people notice vision improvement immediately, most will notice clearer vision the following day.

Advantages of the Tecnis IOL

The unique design of the Tecnis IOL provides many benefits. The lens addresses the spherical aberrations in the cornea. The Tecnis IOL can allow for vision correction far superior to traditional lenses, correction comparable to the vision of a young adult.

Though some patients may require corrective lenses in some situations after their procedure, most will enjoy excellent vision. The haziness and blurred vision of cataracts disappear, and color vision returns to full saturation. Controlled studies have shown that the Tecnis IOL provides up to a 31 percent improvement in contrast sensitivity in normal light conditions compared to traditional lenses.

Perhaps most impressive is the improvement in night vision with the Tecnis IOL. Studies have shown that patients enjoy up to a 53 percent improvement in contrast sensitivity in low-light conditions over traditional lenses. Ability to detect a pedestrian while driving at night was significantly greater with the Tecnis IOL in direct comparison with a control lens. Many patients report that after their procedure they regain confidence to drive at night.

The Tecnis lens also has concentric areas that react to light differently. However, its design is based on Wavefront technology data: the same technology used for laser vision correction (Custom LASIK). This corrects myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other vision defects in the same way as LASIK and corrective lens, and provides better night vision than standard IOLs. 

As with any surgery, there are some risks associated with the Tecnis lens. Though rare, the eye may react adversely to the intraocular lens, resulting in infection, inflammation, and/or thinning of the cornea.  Prescription eye glasses or contact lenses may be necessary in some situations following implantation of the Tecnis lens. 

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