Eye Glasses Scranton, PennsylvaniaNortheastern Eye Institute offers a wide selection of fashion and performance frames, as well as a variety of lens materials and types so that you can custom create the perfect pair of glasses to meet your needs. Our optician will educate you about all of your options and can give you suggestions about the choices that may be best to fit your lifestyle.

Northeastern Eye Institute offers lenses made from various materials including:

  • Plastic: Most widely used; more impact resistant; lighter but not scratch resistant.
  • High index: Lighter and thinner lenses, especially with higher prescriptions; these lenses will provide more flexibility in frame selection.
  • Polycarbonate: Lightest and thinnest lens made; most impact resistant; best for safety, sport, and children's glasses.

Northeastern Eye Institute also offers a variety of lens types, including:

  • Bifocal: Provides correction for both near and distance vision.
  • Trifocal: Correction for close-up, mid-range, and distance vision.
  • Progressive: Known as "no line" lenses, these provide smooth continuous correction.

To learn more about the latest eyewear that we offer at Northeastern Eye Institute in Pennsylvania, please contact our office using the form on this page or call us toll-free at 800-334-2233 or at our main office at (570) 342-3145 to schedule your appointment.