Your frames should complement both your face shape and your lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of frames for adults and children in an array of styles; you are bound to find a pair that work for you.

Our optician can help you select a frame shape that flatters your unique appearance to help enhance your look as well as your vision. To speak to a team member in our Optical Department, please call 800-334-2233 today.


What Frames Are Right for My Face Shape?

There are six different face shapes: round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, triangular, and heart shaped. Depending upon your unique facial structure, certain frames will better complement your appearance than others. When choosing frames, the goal is to create the most flattering aesthetic proportions to help you look your best:

  • Round: Elongate the appearance of your face with wider, more angular frames, as opposed to circular or oval frames.
  • Oval: Maintain the natural proportions of your face with a pair of frames that won't dominate your features. Frames should be slightly wider than the broadest portion of the face.
  • Square: Elongate the appearance of the face and diminish strong angles with wide set, rounded frames.
  • Oblong: Widen and shorten the appearance of the face with rounded frames or frames with emphasized horizontal lines.
  • Heart-shaped: Add width below the eye line by choosing frames that have a wide base to balance the forehead and chin.
  • Triangular: Widen the forehead and soften angular lines with frames that are broader on top and more narrow along the base.
  • Diamond: Widen the appearance of the forehead and jaw line to achieve balance with the mid-face. Frames of almost any shape will work as long as they are slightly wider than the broadest part of the face.

How Northeastern Eye Institute Can Help

When choosing frames, our optician will assist you in finding:

  • The perfect fit
  • A flattering frame shape
  • Frames that create ideal facial proportions
  • A style that compliments your face shape and features

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