Financing LASIK and Vision Correction Surgery in PennsylvaniaAt Northeastern Eye Institute, we realize that many patients choose not to undergo laser vision correction due to the cost and lack of financing options available. For this reason, we offer our patients affordable prices for laser vision correction, as well as long-term financing plans including 0% interest financing to help make this life-changing procedure affordable and accessible. 

Unlike some laser vision correction facilities, we do not offer unrealistically low prices simply to get you in the door, then present you with a bill that is several times the amount you were initially quoted. At Northeastern Eye Institute, everything is quoted upfront without any hidden costs. We are an ethical and patient-friendly organization that has served the community for decades.

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To learn more about the reasonable financing options we offer our patients at NEI, please contact our office using the form on our website or by calling (800) 844-6315 today to schedule your initial appointment or speak to one of the members of our medical team.