When it comes to LASIK, nothing is more important than getting an accurate image of your eye. A crystal clear, comprehensive map of the contours of your eye is absolutely crucial to a safe and successful LASIK experience.

Scranton iDesign LASIKAt Northeastern Eye Institute, we have always been a pioneer in the field of LASIK surgery. We work hard to provide our Scranton-area patients with advanced, high-quality technology so that you achieve the best possible results. It's in that spirit that we are proud to say we are the first provider of the iDesign Advanced Wavescan Studio System in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The iDesign system provides for unparalleled accuracy in the mapping of your eye. It is the most advanced FDA-approved LASIK technology available, providing a truly customized all laser procedure.

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What is iDesign?

The iDesign system is an advanced, FDA-approved LASIK method that provides an extraordinarily clear and detailed image of your eye. This image provides our experienced eye surgeons with an invaluable tool we can use to safely address your vision problems – in fact, most iDesign patients achieve at least 20/16 vision.

The iDesign system generates a high definition scan of your eye and its contours using technology that will be a part of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. The system creates more than 1,200 micro readings of the eye, capturing the shape and curvature of your cornea, as well as observing how well light passes through the pupil under different conditions.

Wilkes-Barre iDesign LASIK And perhaps even more impressively, iDesign can do all of this in three seconds.

The iDesign system uses these measurements to create a kind of blueprint for your LASIK surgery. This will serve as your personalized LASIK treatment plan.

All of this technology achieves a very significant improvement over other LASIK mapping tools. With iDesign, we can see details of your eye that have never before been available to us. Clinical studies have found that iDesign patients report high levels of satisfaction, as well as observable improvements in vision.

Am I a Candidate for iDesign LASIK?

Northeastern Pennsylvania iDesign LASIKIdeal candidates for iDesign LASIK:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have had stable vision for at least a year
  • Suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not suffer from autoimmune or immunodeficiency diseases
  • Do not have severely dry eyes

If you are a good candidate for iDesign LASIK, you can expect a safe, effective procedure that will finally resolve your vision problems. We are happy to answer any questions about laser vision correction you might still have.

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