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Integrity Patient Portal


Patient Portal
Policy and Procedures


Patient Agreement to Abide by Terms of Use


Northeastern Eye Institute, in partnership with Integrity EMR for Eyes, our Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor, offers a HIPAA compliant, secure patient portal to our patients.

DO NOT use the Patient Portal to communicate (i) an emergency, (ii) an urgent issue or (iii) sensitive information (e.g. HIV, mental health, work-excuses, etc.)


  • In the event of an emergency call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • The portal should never be used for any emergency communication or urgent matter.
  • Although patients may send messages at any time, the clinical staff will only address messages during normal business hours.


During a patients visit or by contacting a Northeastern Eye Institute, the patient will be provided a unique user name and password.  To access the patient portal, the following website must be used: select Patient Login.  Keep the user name and password confidential! Patients should not share their user name or password with anyone. Anyone who has access to both the user name and password will have access to the patient’s information on the portal. A patient can change their password any time via the portal.

Medical Advice and Information Disclaimer

The information posted within the Patient Portal should not be considered a complete medical record, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual.  You should always seek the advice of your provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or result and you should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you may have read or interpreted on the Patient Portal.


The clinic does not offer or provide portal based office visits. All diagnosis, triage and treatment services are performed by our providers in the office.


Bedside information is complicated via email and is easy to misread information or emotion. Messages should be brief and as clear as possible. The doctor may respond to a message through the portal or by calling the patient.

Response Time

Messages will be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Patient portal messages may take 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) for a response. If you do receive a response, please call the office to speak with the doctor or a member of the clinical team.

Communication will become part of the Medical Record

Correspondences through the patient portal will become part of the patient’s medical record and should pertain to medical related issues only. This includes notifications of delivery and receipt of messages.      

Northeastern Eye Institute provides the patient portal features at no additional cost to patients.

Northeastern Eye Institute reserves the right to restrict, suspend, disable or terminate access to the patient portal for any misuse or abuse of its features.

The patient portal features were developed by Integrity EMR for Eyes. Northeastern Eye Institute does not have the capability to change or edit the functionality within the patient portal. The information contained within the patient portal comes directly from the patient’s record in Integrity.

The Patient Portal has the Following Functions:

  • Send and receive e-mail and secure messaging for non-urgent needs.
  • View and print “continuity of care document.”
  • View and submit updates to your health information.
  • View selected health information (allergies, medications, current problems, past medical history).  *Note - You can submit changes/additions to your health records, medication lists, etc., but this will not change your permanent record without our review of the information.

Technical Assistance

If a patient cannot access the patient portal, they may call Northeastern Eye Institute for technical assistance at 800-334-2233. There may be times when the portal may be unavailable due to maintenance, updates or technical difficulties.

We have made an effort to make this document as complete as possible, but we must maintain that all patient portal policies and procedures are subject to change without prior notice. Any questions or concerns regarding the patient portal policies and procedures should be brought to the attention of the clinical or Administration staff at Northeastern Eye Institute. 

Accessing your medical record electronically using an Application Programming Interface

Northeastern Eye Institute patient’s (or patient-authorized representative) have a right to access their health information electronically using what is commonly termed as an API (Application Programming Interface).  An API is often referred to as an app (application) used on mobile phones or other electronic devices.

Health information is available using any app of a patient’s choice that is configured to meet the technical specifications of the Application Programming Interface (API)