Patient Testimonials - Vision Correction

"As a mother of two young children, I was thrilled that laser vision correction did not require a lot of time and treatment. I was back into my normal routine right away, without the kids missing out on anything, and without experiencing any pain or discomfort. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see clearly whenever I open my eyes, especially when one of my children awakens me during the night. Now, there's no more feeling around for eye glasses or fooling around with contact lenses. I can immediately take care of whoever needs me. The most amazing part of all of this is that for the first time in my life I have 20/20 vision. I've been wearing eye glasses since I was a little girl, and even with my strongest prescription I never had 20/20 vision. It's truly a miraculous feeling."


"It's been over a year since I’ve had iLasik with Northeastern Eye Institute, and I couldn’t be happier. The procedure is so quick, but the results change your life forever."


"It's been nine months since I gave up my eye glasses for good, and I'm still very excited about how well I can see and how improved my life has become . I marvel every day at the great choice I made in having my vision corrected. My job requires a lot of travel and a lot of number crunching, so having 20/20 vision makes everything so much easier. No more pushing my eye glasses up on my nose every five minutes or holding onto my frames when I play sports. And being able to see where you're swimming gives a whole new meaning to enjoying the summer. If you're even slightly considering having this procedure done, do yourself a huge favor and go to one of the seminars and talk to one of NEI's great optometrists. You'll never be sorry you did."


"Hey its your entertainment reporter, Mr. Manly, from the Jeff Walker Show on 98.5KRZ. I'm a life-long patient of Northeastern Eye Institute. Up until recently, I've actually been wearing glasses & contacts since I was in pre-school...yes...pre-school!"

Those big oversized frames always went over so well for my social life - no one ever shared a snack! When I eventually moved over to contacts, I went through so many varieties and ended up with those hard/gas-permeable kind. Don’t tell my family eye doctor, Dr. Joe, but each night for the 4 years that I had them – I actually used a small plunger to get them out… and if I didn’t have a plunger around – well let’s just say the night didn’t end well. So uncomfortable! I then moved to soft disposable contacts which after a while gave my eyes irritation. I was begging for a solution to end all this frustration.

Let’s just say with all my ‘eye activity’ throughout the years, I really got to know the true family that exists at NEI. There is a whole staff that genuinely cares about you like you’re part of their family and as such provides the best possible care. I know everyone throws around the word “family”… but I mean it and they have my years of Christmas cards to prove it! Laurie, who works with Dr. Joe, one time even delivered some drops I needed TO MY HOUSE!

Over the years being on the radio, I had numerous offers to “try out” the latest laser to take care of my eyes. Never wanting to compromise my care, I declined as I honestly felt that no one else could possibly take care of my eyes better than the family at NEI. I jumped at the opportunity to let Dr. Chris Jordan perform his magic through the LASIK procedure.

From our very first consultation, I knew the team’s professionalism was at work. I went through a very thorough set of tests and several Q/A sessions with the team to put my mind at ease. Every single minute was planned out, along with a detailed timeline post surgery. Surgery day came and I literally was back in the waiting room with my coffee (which the kind staff made for me) as warm from when I left it minutes earlier when I was wearing glasses. It was absolutely incredible… a life changing experience. I woke up the next day and went on with my life. I will forever be indebted to NEI and their staff for taking such good care of me."

-Mr. Manly

"Hear what Frankie Warren has to say about Biofinity contact lenses:

I've trusted my eyes to Northeastern Eye Institute since I was in college.They've always been fantastic!"


"After a custom LASIK procedure at Northeastern Eye Institute, my vision improved to the point where I could qualify to be a fighter pilot. Not bad when you consider I couldn't drive without wearing my glasses before that...

DJ Dave on his experience at Northeastern Eye Institute:

"The whole procedure took 10 minutes and now my vision is crystal clear. Custom LASIK changed my life forever. Thanks Northeastern Eye Institute!"

"I always thought the world was naturally blurry. After a quick 10 minute custom LASIK procedure, now everything's in focus."

"If you're thinking about it, if this is something you've considered in the past, why not figure out today if it's right for you?"

-DJ Dave

"Just like "magic" - Northeastern Eye made my contacts and glasses disappear! I'm Fran from Magic 93 and I chose Northeastern Eye Institute for their skilled surgeons and dedicated staff."

-Fran Pantuso

"I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future to have anything like that done. I’m glad I made the right choice with northeastern eye."

-Rusty Fender

"Dear Drs. Jerry, Arthur and William, Jr, 
I just watched your show on WVIA and could not let this opportunity pass without letting know how much you mean to me. My parents started taking me to "see the eye doctor" when you were located on North Washington Avenue in the Hilton Hotel building. I can still remember the large fish tank in the reception area. 
I also remember your dad/grandfather. He was a very kind and gentle man and a wonderful doctor. It was in that building on North Washington Avenue that one of your technicians noticed something wrong with my left eye. I was in eighth grade at the time. The diagnosis was Iritis/Uveitis. I didn't know what it meant at the time. I only knew that I had to start using eye drops (atropine and econopred I believe) that burned and dilated my left pupil. Dr. Jerry...I think this is where you came in. I was monitored very closely and would be seen without hesitation is there was a problem. 
The virus in my eye lead to a secondary cataract that I had removed two years later...I was now in 10th grade. Dr. William...your dad assisted your uncle Jerry in this surgery. I remember being scared out of my mind. The surgery was successful although the Iritis/Uveitis lingered on for many years. 
It was shortly after my surgery that I became a patient of Dr. Joe. However, Dr. Jerry would still stop in to check up on me during my routine check-ups. If there was a problem or a flare-up, Dr. Jerry was always consulted. I believe he still sees my dad Joe Montoro for his annual check-ups. 
My vision problems remained under control until about 17 years ago. It was the Sunday of memorial weekend and I woke up to having lost half the vision in my left eye. It was if someone had pulled a window shade over my eye. I was married at the time and our daughter was just a few days short of celebrating her second birthday. 
Many years before Dr. Joe had given me his home case of emergency. I dialed this umber immediately. His wife answered and told me he was out of town...golfing...but that she would get in touch with him. No sooner did I hang up the phone then she called back. Dr. Joe would meet me in the office. He was on his way. A few hours later I was in the exam room and the news wasn't good. I had a detached retina. The retina surgeon on call was Dr. William Kherli. I needed surgery immediately. 
Dr. Kherli informed me, my husband and my parents that this was very serious. Fluid had accumulated behind the eye and it was imperative that the fluid be completely drained before the detachment could be repaired. During the surgery 95% of the fluid was drained but then the eye started to hemorrhage. The detachment was repaired and all that was left to do was wait. 
I know its too late to say..." to make a long story short," but in spite of the complications my full vision was restored. 
Not a single day goes by that I am not grateful for the Northeastern Eye Institute, the doctors, technicians and staff. 
I'm sorry that I rambled but I was moved by the WVIA program and wanted you all to know that you do make a difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. 


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A.J. from 97BHT had LASIK at Northeastern Eye Institute - watch a video of his experience below.

"I thought it was going to be a lot more intense, it was awesome. I only trust my 'baby blues' to Northeastern Eye Institute."