Common LASIK Alternatives
February 16, 2017

Common LASIK Alternatives

LASIK has become one of the most popular elective surgeries in the country, and it’s easy to see why. The Northeastern Eye Institute has helped many Scranton-area patients find a long-term solution to their vision problems through LASIK surgery.

Still, the reality is that LASIK isn’t for everyone. Some people just aren’t good candidates for the procedure. But if that’s the case for you, don’t worry – we offer a range of LASIK alternatives that can provide high-quality vision correction.

These alternative procedures include:

  • PRK: Short for “photoreactive keratectomy,” PRK is more or less the proto-LASIK. It’s the perfect option if your corneas are too thin to support a LASIK surgery. The difference between these two procedures is that LASIK requires the creation of a small flap in your cornea – PRK does not. However, recovery takes a little bit longer with PRK.
  • LASEK: The one letter difference between LASEK and LASIK is quite significant. Like the LASIK procedure, LASEK also requires the creation of a corneal flap. However, the flap created during LASEK is much thinner and only touches the top layer of the cornea. It’s another option for patients with thin corneas.
  • Visian ICL: You can think of the Visian ICL (short for “Implantable Collamer Lens”) as a kind of permanent contact lens. We will implant this small, artificial lens so that it can bend light in a way that allows it to correctly focus on your retina. It’s a great LASIK alternative if you have dry eyes or a high or low prescription that would reduce the effectiveness of LASIK.

As you can see, there are a number of LASIK alternatives. If you’ve been told that you’re not a good candidate for LASIK, don’t get discouraged – our doctors can help you find a solution.

If you live in or around Scranton, Pennsylvania and you have questions about LASIK or any of the alternative procedures available to you, please call Northeastern Eye Institute today at 570-342-3145 for a consultation.