Binocular Vision Therapy in Northeast Pennsylvania

Humans see in 3D. Our eyes are set slightly apart, giving us depth perception that allows us to gauge distances and range more accurately. This ability to use both eyes together to produce single, simultaneous vision is referred to as binocular vision.

Binocular vision disorders are when both eyes fail to work in unison; this can affect eye movement control, focus, eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, figure-ground perception and eye-teaming abilities. Binocular vision disorders can be present even in eyes with good visual acuity.

Northeastern Eye Institute has a dedicated Binocular Vision Center, headed by our binocular vision specialist, Mary Ann T. DeSando, OD, and located at our Peckville office. To discuss binocular vision problems and schedule a consultation, call toll-free 855-204-6888.

checking eye with machine in hand
Northeastern Eye Institute can help treat binocular vision disorders
  • Northeastern Eye Institute offers a vision therapy program that can develop and improved binocular vision skills.
    • Binocular vision therapy is prescribed to improve vision problems that cannot be treated with glasses, contact lenses, lens implants, or laser vision correction. The goal of this therapy is to help patients see more clearly, efficiently and comfortably by training each eye to work in union.

    • The program is tailored to each individual patient, depending on his or her needs. It consists of two 30-minute sessions scheduled twice a week under the direction of an eye specialist. Following each session, the patient is given home-based activities to support the process. The program may take four or five months to complete, and sensorimotor evaluations are conducted periodically to track progress and determine the best course of continued treatment.
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