Trust Northeastern Eye Institute with Your General Eye Exams

Custom Vision Correction PennsylvaniaNortheastern Eye Institute has assembled the region’s premier team of highly trained eye doctors, each with years of experience diagnosing and treating vision disorders. As a result, you are in the best hands possible when you and your family trust us to perform a comprehensive eye exam at one of our 15 regional offices.

A typical eye exam includes:

  • A complete history: One of our eye care professionals will record your current visual state, primary and secondary visual complaints, your general health, any relevant family data and allergies that might affect your vision. This enables us to create a working history, and measure any changes in your vision from one visit to the next.
  • A full battery of vision and eye health tests, including:
    • Visual acuity, measuring vision at 20 feet
    • Pupil response with a flashlight, to test constriction or dilation of the pupil
    • Lensometry, autorefraction and refraction, to determine your prescription for eyewear
    • Biomicroscopy, which uses a slit lamp to detail the external structures of the cornea
    • Tonometry measures the eye's intra-ocular pressure, to test for glaucoma
    • Ophthalmoscopy examines the retinal tissue, blood vessels and nerve function.
    • Visual fields test, examining the neurological function of the visual pathway using Humphrey® Field Analyzer II, Fieldmaster and Octopus visual field technologies.
  • Peripheral eye examination with an indirect ophthalmoscope, using dilation drops

Exams are recommended once yearly to diagnose and treat symptoms early. Call toll-free800-334-2233 or (570) 342-3145, or email us to schedule your general eye exam. Find a Pennsylvania NEI Eye Care Location near you.