Pediatric eye care PennsylvaniaNortheastern Eye Institute offers comprehensive eye care for the entire family. We are the region’s leading provider of eye care for children as well as adults and senior citizens.

Our team of pediatric eye care specialists knows that a child's visual system develops rapidly in the first months and years of life, and that it is very important to have your child’s eyes examined at the first sign of vision problems. Even if there don’t seem to be any problems, all children should have their vision checked at 3-4 years of age using a wall chart or optical tester.

Eye Care for Kids

Taking your child for an eye exam is even more important if there are signs of developmental delay, or if there is a family history of crossed eyes, childhood cataracts, or amblyopia. The most common eye problems found in children include:

  • Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, in which one eye develops good vision, while the other eye does not
  • Conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye
  • Allergies
  • Inflammations
  • Keratitis, or inflammation of the cornea
  • Poor vision
  • Eye infections

The Northeastern Eye Institute has a team of dedicated and highly trained eye doctors ready to administer the highest level of pediatric eye care, including Mary J. Boland Frattali, MD, FACS, and Beth Jordan-Flickinger, OD.

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