Pediatric Eye Care in Northeast Pennsylvania

Northeastern Eye Institute offers comprehensive eye care for the entire family. We are the region’s leading provider of eye care for children as well as adults and senior citizens.

Our team of pediatric eye care specialists knows that a child’s visual system develops rapidly in the first months and years of life, and that it is very important to have your child’s eyes examined at the first sign of vision problems. Even if there don’t seem to be any problems, all children should have their vision checked at 3-4 years of age using a wall chart or optical tester.

The Northeastern Eye Institute has a team of dedicated and highly trained eye doctors ready to administer the highest level of pediatric eye care, including Mary J. Boland Frattali, MD, FACS, and Beth Jordan-Flickinger, OD.

Contact Northeastern Eye Institute today using the form on this page or call 855-204-6888 for a consultation about our comprehensive pediatric eye care services.

What Our Customers
Are Saying
Hugo H

Great place. Clean and professional office. Dr. Jordan is a fantastic doctor. I got cataract surgery on both eyes and it changed my life 100%. Great staff. Highly recommend this practice.

J.B. Wright

I suffered from a corneal abrasion suddenly while I was in town for business. The group was very responsive in getting back to me and squeezing me in on the same day. They recently incorporated a new computer system and I can see the benefits to that implementation. It made the check-in process very easy and quick. Dr. Fox was attentive and compassionate to my problem. She prescribed my prescription and laid out a clear path for me to take as soon as I flew home. Thank you to the team!

Wilma Mitchell

I had cataract surgery and it went fantastic! All the staff were very professional and helpful. Dr Jordan made me feel very comfortable. I can see so much better. I am even driving at nite, which was a big issue. Highly recommend them!

Michele Keating

Great job by intake person for Dr William Jordan today. I was not able to get her name I just had surgery on my knee a few days prior to the visit and was in a great amount of discomfort She was kind and accommodating to me in every way and was very patient with me and helpful

Willie Schumacher

Northeast eye is fantastic. I had 2 cataracts removed and new lens put in. Everyone was polite, efficient, and helpful. Dr Frattali is great. Very detailed, very reassuring and even quietly sang while operating on my eyes. No discomfort. I felt well cared for and informed the entire time. Would highly recommend them. I left there not having to wear glasses for now. I look forward to their follow up.

mac fadra

I trust the surgeons at Northeastern Eye Institute. They are very experienced, conservative and tailor their treatments to the individual, particularly with LASIK where they do not take a one size fits all approach. Each procedure is customized for each patient. A no. of their staff members have undergone LASIK with great results which gives me the confidence to recommend them.

Harold Cameron

I always receive outstanding eye care when I go to the Northeastern Eye Institute in Scranton. The staff are pleasant and helpful. Dr. Arthur Jordan Jr. always provides the highest quality of eye care for me. I am very pleased with NE Eye and will continue to go there for my vision needs.

Thomas Glasspool

They did a great job with my Lasik procedure. They were polite and professional and kept me informed during the whole process. I was able to schedule my Lasik the same week I had my evaluation.

Mary Ann Cardamone

I am very pleased with my visits and the things I have had done at North Eastern Eye

Our Pediatric Eye Care Doctors

Eye Care for Kids

Taking your child for an eye exam is even more important if there are signs of developmental delay, or if there is a family history of crossed eyes, childhood cataracts, or amblyopia. The most common eye problems found in children include:

  • Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, in which one eye develops good vision, while the other eye does not
    • Conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye
    • Allergies
    • Inflammations
    • Keratitis, or inflammation of the cornea
    • Poor vision
    • Eye infections
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