Dry Eyes and LASIK
January 11, 2017

Dry Eyes and LASIK

Many people are understandably curious about LASIK. It’s an extraordinarily successful procedure, one that can safely address your vision problems and leave you with striking, crystal clear vision.

Of course, if you’re considering the procedure, you probably have lots of questions, and this is understandable. One of the most frequent LASIK questions we field is, “Will LASIK cause dry eyes?”

Many patients do, in fact, report mild dryness immediately after undergoing LASIK surgery. This is because the procedure reduces corneal sensitivity, which means your body doesn’t detect dryness as often.  As a result, your eyes won’t be lubricated quite as often.

There are ways of ameliorating these concerns, such as the use of eye drops and other treatments. Our surgeons will also thoroughly evaluate your eyes to determine if you are prone to dry eyes – if you are, we might recommend PRK, which is a LASIK alternative that does not need a corneal flap and is often a better option for those already struggling with dry eyes.

The only way to know for sure which LASIK vision correction procedure is the right option is to undergo a consultation and examination. Our doctors are committed to ensuring you undergo only the procedure that can safely achieve your objectives.

If you live in or around Scranton, Pennsylvania and have questions about LASIK and how it relates to dry eyes, please call Northeastern Eye Institute today at 570-342-3145 for a consultation and examination.