Glasses Vs. Contacts
January 26, 2010

Glasses Vs. Contacts

The choice between wearing glasses or contacts is really a personal one, based on your own preferences. Both methods of vision correction work extremely well and both offer many choices. Choosing a Pair of Glasses Glasses have become so stylish-looking that you can use them as an fashion accessory. This applies to sunglasses too, which are now being worn year-round for vision protection against the sun’s UV rays. Our opticians will be happy to show you many styles and to make suggestions for frames that will look best on you. They will factor in your eye color, facial shape, skin and hair coloring, clothing styles and colors, and even your personality. If you are a bright, outgoing person, perhaps a more dramatic style of glasses frame will express that. If you are a more quiet and subtle person, a different frame style can express that. Some examples of our offerings are:

  • New versions of traditional favorites, both the cat-eye shape and square shape
  • Bold and unusual styles with unusual details and frame shapes
  • Decorative features such as rhinestones that give a jewel-like appearance
  • Designer styles with fashionable logos such as Gucci, Dior, Fendi, etc.

We are confident that in our spacious optical shop you will find just the right glasses to fit your personality and image. Choosing Contact Lenses At NEI we offer every type of contact lens that is available worldwide. Your contact lenses can address more than just your visual acuity – they can give therapeutic help and cosmetic enhancement as well. You might want:

  • Soft lenses for comfortable correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia
  • Hard lenses for both vision correction and help with a distorted corneal shape such as happens in keratoconus
  • Bifocals if you need both near and far correction
  • Tinted lenses if you would like to modify your eye color
  • Disposable lenses for the convenience of not having to clean your lenses every night
  • Specialty lenses for help with an eye injury or hereditary disfigurement

Contact lenses can be very convenient and effective if you have the right type for your lifestyle. Please see our EyeMotion Video Learning Center for more on contact lenses and glasses. To learn more about the choices we offer in eyewear, please contact our ophthalmology office today for an initial appointment.