How Often Should I see my Eye Doctor?
February 26, 2015

How Often Should I see my Eye Doctor?

How frequently you should visit your NEPA eye doctor for general exams depends greatly on factors unique to you. As a general rule, we recommend you visit one of our Northeastern Pennsylvania offices once every one to three years. However, if you experience acute vision disruptions, we recommend you call us at 855-204-6888 to schedule an appointment right away.

Factors that impact how frequently you should come in for a screening include:

  • Age – visits should become more frequent after the age of 65
  • Prescription – people who wear glasses or contact lenses should plan on bi-yearly visits
  • Eye disease – if you have been diagnosed with an eye disease, screenings may need to be more frequent

Because the frequency of your visits must be based on your specific needs, the best way to determine how often they should occur is by discussing your options with one of our experienced eye doctors.

If you are looking for an eye doctor in NEPA, please contact Northeastern Eye Institute to schedule an appointment today. We have 15 office locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania, better enabling us to meet the needs of individual patients throughout our region.