Pediatric Eye Examinations
September 8, 2014

Pediatric Eye Examinations

It is likely that your child receives a vision screening through his or her school district every year. However, relying solely on these in-school examinations is not always a good idea.

Vision changes rapidly during childhood, sometimes radically during various developmental stages. Children who do not need glasses one year may find them necessary the next – and those who currently wear glasses may need prescription changes with greater frequency than adults. This makes annual vision screenings from an experienced eye doctor very important for school-aged children.

Children who are experiencing undiagnosed vision problems may have increased difficulties reading and writing, and often see academic performance decrease. When these problems are related to vision difficulties, prescription eye wear may be all it takes to increase self-confidence, class participation, and academic achievement.

To protect general eye health, the experienced eye doctors at Northeastern Eye Institute recommend annual examinations no matter what your age. Regularly scheduled visits allow our pediatric eye doctors to ensure your child is getting the help he or she needs to perform their absolute best in everything they do.

To schedule an eye exam for your child, please contact Northeastern Eye Institute today. We maintain several offices in Pennsylvania to better meet the needs of families living throughout our state.