Premium IOL Options for Cataracts Patients
March 19, 2014

Premium IOL Options for Cataracts Patients

An intraocular lens (IOL) is an artificial lens that replaces your eye’s natural crystalline lens. Surgeons frequently use IOLs to replace the cloudy lenses of cataract surgery patients. The Hazelton cataract surgeons at the Northeastern Eye Institute are pleased to offer our patients a number of excellent IOL options.

An intraocular lens implant replaces the natural lens that you’re born with, and millions of these lenses are implanted into patients’ eyes each year. At Northeastern Eye Institute, we offer the latest in premium intraocular lenses to our patients:

  • AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL delivers improved vision at many distances. In clinical trials, over 80 percent of patients who received this lens reported being able to read, drive, and perform daily tasks without the need for glasses.
  • Tecnis corrects for spherical aberrations in the cornea, giving many patients vision similar to that of a young adult. And Tecnis lenses have demonstrated dramatic improvements in night vision.
  • AcriSof IQ Toric lenses are ideal for patients with astigmatism. The cornea of an astigmatic patient is shaped like an oval instead of a circle, which causes blurry vision. These toric lenses compensate for this irregularity and deliver clear vision for many patients who suffer from astigmatism.
  • Crystalens is an exciting IOL that enables accommodation, which is the ability to quickly focus at different distances. Patients who receive this lens may free themselves from the need for reading glasses.

If you’re ready to discover how laser cataract surgery can restore your vision safely and effectively, please contact Northeastern Eye Institute today. We proudly serve patients in Hazelton and throughout northeast Pennsylvania.