February 10, 2013

Roses The Lasik Experience: Itchy eyes…what?!?

Yesterday I was catching up with my friend, Jim who actually had lasik surgery done at NEI by Dr. Christopher S. Jordan, the very same surgeon who will be performing my procedure. As expected, he was over the moon about his experience. He told me, it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Now he sees better than he ever could before with glasses or contacts. Jim is a correctional officer and lasik has provided him the ability to see 100% of the time. It has eliminated the daily unnecessary stress of not being able to see in the time of emergency. He no longer has to worry about his glasses getting knocked off of his face or a contact lens falling out of his eye. He said, “trust me Rose, you are going to be amazed when the surgery is all over. It’s so quick and you can see clearer almost instantly;” for him surgery lasted about 30 minutes and he was seeing clearer that very next day! His advice tidbit: my post surgery eye drops will be my new best friend for the week following surgery. Jim said, “Dr. Chris gives you a bunch of eye drops, you may think he’s exaggerating when he says use them every hour as you feel necessary, but your eyes will get itchy and those drops help. The itching lasted less than a week for me.” Until speaking with Jim, I had never even thought of itchy eyes as a concern because I cannot recall screening a single patient who complained of itchy eyes at their 1 month post surgery exam.” Itchy eyes for a week, in exchange for the ability to see all day everyday, hmmm… seems like a no-brainer to me! I’m so glad I ran into Jim, his complete satisfaction in his vision outcome and positive lasik experience, have just added to my anticipation for my upcoming surgery! I can’t wait!