February 21, 2013

Roses Lasik Experience: My main reason for taking the plunge

I’m about to start my pre-surgery procedure and I was thinking that you may be wondering why I finally decided to have lasik done on my eyes. There are many reasons I will tell you about later, but my number one reason behind my decision to finally go through with having lasik is my extreme fear of having permanent damage to my eyes and uncorrectable vision loss associated to contact lens misuse and over wear. I don’t like to admit it but I have a history of sleeping with my contact lenses still in my eyes. When I was an undergraduate, I would sleep in the same pair of lenses day after day without taking them out. I would put a drop or two of rewetting drops in if they felt dry and I’d be fine. I never ran into a problem when doing this, so when my eye doctor and others advised against it, I brushed it off as if I was never going to have any issues since I’ve been doing this for so many.. years.. OMG without a problem. However was one of the lucky ones who do this without acquiring an infection or other damage to my corneas and eyes. When I started working at Northeastern Eye Institute, my colleagues and the doctors started questioning my overly red eyes everyday. It wasn’t until I saw actual patients come in to see Dr. Jordan, who had corneal ulcers on their eyes caused by over wearing their contacts, that I decided to change my ways. These patients would come in with their eyes in extreme pain, watering, red, barely able to open them let alone put in contact lenses. These ulcers are a very serious matter; the infection caused by them if not treated will continue to affect more and more of your eye and hello eventually reach nerves, and your brain! Dr. Jordan would have to do a culture of their ulcer which in itself looks like torture because he literally scrapes the ulcer on your eye and sends it to the laboratory to be tested, and these patients would have to come in almost daily sometimes for weeks to be monitored. The scariest part is that depending on where the ulcer is located on your eye you could have permanent vision loss, which even with today’s surgical technology cannot be corrected! Scary right!?!? I personally want to be as preventative and preservative with my vision, that is why I have chosen to undergo lasik surgery.

Wish Me Luck! “See” you soon! ; )