February 21, 2013

Roses LASIK Experience: Surgery Day! : D

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe today I’ll finally be having my LASIK procedure! I’ve been so excited the past two days that I’ve been falling asleep thinking about the procedure and all the things I’ll be able to do afterwards and then dreaming about them! I actually had a dream last night that I was cliff diving and once I was actually underwater I could see all aquatic life in bright, high definition, colors! I wasn’t even wearing any type of goggles and never needed to come up for air, but I was swimming about with my eyes open underwater in and out of caves and underneath boats, just taking in all the beautiful tropical fish and their habitats! It was something straight out of one of those HD documentaries on Animal Planet and apparently my LASIK procedure also provided me with the ability to swim underwater without needing any air and superb swimming skills! LOL I guess a girl can dream! Anyway I am very excited for my live procedure today,and believe it or not I’m actually not very nervous about it right now! I’ve watched Dr. Chris perform surgeries before and I’ve also spoken with countless patients of his at their visits after surgery: he’s an awesome surgeon and his patients are always extremely happy with the outcome of their surgery. Numerous staff here at NEI have actually had refractive surgery done themselves, and they have been telling me in the past few weeks how amazing it is to be able to just wake up and see! Everyone here has been cheering me on all week and helping me mentally pre-pare for tonight. I truly have the most amazing co-workers <3 I’m going to keep you posted randomly today until the surgery and then again afterward. My best friend, Theresa will be with me and she has promised to help me type my blog later tonight. : )

If you are a glasses or contact lens wearer and you are considering LASIK surgery, or you would like to learn more about it from experienced doctors, you should come to tonights LIVE procedure and seminar at Northeastern Eye Institute! Not only will you learn about the different surgery options, but you’ll also be able to speak personally with the doctors, and watch Dr. Christopher Jordan perform the procedure live with yours truly as the patient! : ) If that isn’t tempting enough, all attendees also receive $500 off of their procedure! If you haven’t registered, its not too late. Call (570) 342-3145 and as for Donna. You can call anytime up until pm tonight. I hope you are able to come and see all the LASIK surgery at Northeastern Eye Institute has to offer you!