Statin Use and Cataract Risks
December 12, 2014

Statin Use and Cataract Risks

A 10-year study conducted by the British Columbia Health Ministry has found patients taking statins are 27 percent more likely to develop cataracts than those who are not. However, researchers were quick to point out that few classes of drugs have proven as effective at reducing risks for heart disease as statins, and discontinuation of these medications – regardless of potential cataract risk – is discouraged.

Cataracts are most commonly age-related, but some lifestyle choices can help reduce risks. These include eating a well-balanced diet, refraining from smoking, and even being sure to wear sunglasses when outside during the day. Consequently, some of these steps can also help lower your risk for heart disease and are suggested when taking statins as well. Our eye doctors would be happy to discuss steps you can take to reduce your risks during your routine eye examinations at one of our 18 Northeastern Pennsylvania locations.

If you do develop cataracts, our ophthalmologists offer state-of-the art surgical procedures that can help prevent vision disruptions before they even begin. What techniques can best serve your needs will be based on factors unique to your condition and anatomy.

If you are experiencing any vision disruptions or would like to learn more about our advanced cataract surgery techniques, please contact Northeastern Eye Institute today.