Time to Start Thinking about Flex Benefits
November 24, 2015

Time to Start Thinking about Flex Benefits

If you have a flexible spending account, now is the time to start scheduling consultations for treatments not covered by your insurance. Most flex plans expire with the New Year, taking with them any unused contributions. The best way to avoid losing money and to get the advanced eye care services you’ve been longing for is by calling the Scranton LASIK surgeons at Northeastern Eye Institute and scheduling your initial consultation today.

If you have flex benefits you would like to use for a vision correction procedure, please call (877) 634-8474 to schedule a consultation at one of our 15 Northeastern Pennsylvania locations.

You can use your flex benefits for more than just vision correction. In fact, many of the surgical procedures, including those like cataract surgery which is necessary to prevent vision loss, are not fully covered by insurance. Using your flex benefits to pay for these services allows you to avoid most or all out-of-pocket expenses, all while protecting or enhancing your vision.

If you don’t have flex benefits and your preferred procedure is not covered by insurance, we would be happy to discuss financing options during your initial consultation. Please contact Northeastern Eye Institute today to schedule your consultation and learn how we can help you achieve optimal vision.