Vision Correcting Screens?
August 19, 2014

Vision Correcting Screens?

Researchers at the University of California Berkley believe they have found a way for people with refractive errors to view smartphones, tablets, and computers without using prescriptive eyewear. By using algorithms that compensate for vision difficulties, developers believe screens can be individually modified to adapt to a specific user’s needs. So far, vision correcting displays for farsighted individuals have proven effective. Researchers are continuing to develop display algorithms for nearsightedness and presbyopia, which they hope will lead to solutions for more complex vision problems as well.

Vision correcting displays offer a promising way for individuals to better view their electronic devices, but what about all the time you spend off-screen? The best answer often lies in LASIK. With LASIK, the Pennsylvania eye doctors at Northeastern Eye Institute can permanently correct refractive errors, giving you clear vision no matter what you’re doing.

During your vision correction consultation we will be happy to discuss LASIK and other surgical options that can help free you from cumbersome eyewear and give you crystal clear vision both on and offline.

To schedule your LASIK consultation with one of our Pennsylvania eye surgeons, please contact Northeastern Eye Institute today. We maintain offices in Scranton, Dallas, and Wilkes-Barre to better serve people throughout our state.