When Can I Use a Computer after LASIK?
April 27, 2018

When Can I Use a Computer after LASIK?

We’ve become highly dependent on technology in many areas of our life, and one of the core pieces of technology that we rely on is a computer. Most people use a computer on a daily basis — as part of their jobs, to surf the Internet at home, to complete creative projects and for a variety of other reasons. So it is common for perspective LASIK patients to be concerned about having to take time away from a computer after their procedure.

In fact, one of the most common questions our eye surgeons hear during consultations is, “How long will I have to wait to use a computer after my LASIK procedure?” The good news is that the recovery period after LASIK is relatively short and you should be able to use a computer fairly soon after your procedure.

Give Your Eyes some Downtime after LASIK

You’ll want to rest your eyes for the first day of your recovery in order to give them a chance to heal properly. As part of this rest, we recommend that you avoid looking at screens of any kind — TV, phone, computer or tablet — for 24 hours after LASIK. After this initial resting period, you can gradually ramp up your screen time over the next few days.

In general, it will be safe to use your computer without restrictions a few days after LASIK. However, it’s important to understand that these are general guidelines. Everyone’s eyes heal at a different rate. Our eye surgeons will give you a more concrete timeline based on how rapidly your eyes are recovering.

Precautions to Take when Using a Computer after LASIK

During the first few weeks after LASIK, your eyes will still be healing. This may make them more likely to lose moisture, resulting in dry eyes. Using a computer can potentially exacerbate this issue since we tend to blink less when staring at a computer screen.

The following precautions will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing dry eye symptoms while using your computer during the first few weeks after LASIK:

  • Use the artificial tears provided by our LASIK surgeons to keep your eyes moist while looking at a computer screen
  • Make a conscious effort to blink frequently when you’re using a computer
  • Take frequent breaks — We recommend that you adhere to the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break from looking at the computer screen and focus on an object at least 20 feet away

You should also get plenty of rest during the LASIK recovery period. Sleep provides your eyes with a chance to rest for an extended period of time. Try to go to bed early for a few weeks after LASIK, and avoid using your computer or phone in bed before you go to sleep.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to listen to your body. If you experience any kind of irritation or discomfort while using a computer, turn it off to give your eyes a little more time to rest. There’s no need to push yourself during the first few weeks after LASIK. You’ll experience better results by giving your eyes the time they need to heal.

At Northeastern Eye Institute, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional care throughout the LASIK process. Our team is available to help you at all times. We encourage you to reach out to us during your recovery if you have any questions or concerns.

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