When Should I Have Cataract Surgery?
January 15, 2014

When Should I Have Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts affect millions of Americans each year and especially affect older populations. It’s estimated that more than 90 percent of Americans over the age of 75 have a cataract in at least one eye. Fortunately, cataracts can be treated in a straightforward and very common outpatient surgical procedure. Trust the Scranton cataract surgeons of the Northeastern Eye Institute for the most advanced diagnosis and treatment of cataracts.

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in ophthalmology. Although the decision to have cataract surgery is best made with your doctor following a comprehensive eye exam, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Glasses and contacts can compensate for some, but not all, kinds of cataracts.
  • If a cataract is interfering with your daily life, it should be treated sooner rather than later.
  • Patients whose jobs demand high visual acuity may need to schedule surgery earlier than other individuals.
  • Insurance commonly covers cataract surgery, but you may need to meet certain requirements of your plan.
  • Cataracts typically develop slowly, so the decision to have surgery rarely needs to be rushed.

Because cataracts rarely pose an emergency, you can schedule your procedure when it’s most convenient for you. But the sooner you have surgery, the sooner you’ll experience your improved vision.

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