Will Wearing Glasses Weaken my Eyesight?
June 16, 2014

Will Wearing Glasses Weaken my Eyesight?

Perhaps you’ve been told that wearing glasses makes your eyes weaker. Although there’s no basis for such claims, the myth remains stubbornly persistent. Corrective lenses not only help you see, they also improve your safety and quality of life. The Lackawanna eyeglasses experts at Northeastern Eye Institute have been improving our patients’ eyesight for years and are ready to help you see clearly, too.

According to a recent story from the BBC, worldwide surveys indicated that anywhere from 30 to 69 percent of people believe that wearing glasses can damage your eyes, even including medical professionals in some cases. While such claims have been around for a while, they’re simply untrue.

Our vision tends to degrade as we age, which makes us more and more dependent on corrective lenses as we get older. But it’s not wearing glasses that cause the deterioration of our eyesight; it’s the natural progression of aging. Claiming that eyeglasses weaken eyesight is a bit like saying that dental cleanings cause tartar buildup.

Regular eye exams, including necessary changes to your corrective lenses, help you see more clearly and reduce your chances of developing a squint or chronic headaches. They also make you safer when you drive and faster when you read.

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