Eyewear provides a very sharp-looking accessory to anything you wear. Sunglasses, once thought to be only something for the summertime, are now worn year-round.

The frames you choose should reflect your lifestyle and help define "who you are." Our certified opticians and courteous staff can help you pick just the right frames for your look. To learn more about the latest eyewear and sunglasses we offer, please call 800-334-2233 today to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.


Personalized Assistance

At Northeastern Eye Institute, our certified opticians will work with you to find the perfect set of glasses or "shades" to complement your style. Eyewear use has become very stylish in recent years, and some people with perfect vision actually seek out clear lenses just so they can sport the latest designer frames.

Our in-house optical department has the latest high-end frames and a large selection of more affordable frames for your individual taste. We offer:

  • Revamped classic styles: Vintage favorites with a modern twist. Improvisations on the traditional cat-eye and square shaped frames in a variety of colors and innovative designs.
  • Avant-garde designs: Go from ordinary to extraordinary eyewear. Your eyewear can make a statement by incorporating whimsical details, unique frame shapes, distinctive materials, bold colors, and patterns.
  • Designer logos: Prominent, high-fashion logos are the ultimate status symbol in eyewear. We carry Calvin Klein, Gucci, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Fendi, and much more.
  • Luxurious details: Rhinestone embellishments, delicate inlays, opulent materials, and other rich details can give your frames an exquisite look.

In addition to our in-house optical department, we offer the following features at our facility:

  • 45,000 square feet of clinical and office facilities
  • 14 diagnostic testing areas
  • 36 exam rooms
  • Surgical center
  • 6 patient waiting areas
  • Over 250 staff members to serve you

Eyewear for Every Lifestyle

Northeastern Eye Institute offers a wide selection of fashion and performance frames, as well as a variety of lens materials, allowing you to custom create the perfect pair of glasses to meet your needs. Our opticians will educate you about all of your options and can give you suggestions about the choices that may best fit your lifestyle.

Northeastern Eye Institute offers lenses made from various materials including:

  • Plastic: The most popular lens we offer. These lenses are light and impact resistant, but not scratch resistant.
  • High index: Lighter and thinner lenses, especially with higher prescriptions. These lenses will provide more flexibility in frame selection.
  • Polycarbonate: The lightest and thinnest lens made. It is the most impact resistant, making it the best option for safety, sport and children's glasses.

two women holding up a variety of eyewear options at Notheastern Eye Institute

Northeastern Eye Institute also offers a variety of lens types, including:

  • Bifocal: Provides correction for both near and distance vision.
  • Trifocal: Correction for close-up, mid-range, and distance vision.
  • Progressive: Known as "no line" lenses, these provide smooth continuous correction.

A Frame for Every Face

Your frames should complement both your face shape and your lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of frames and styles for adults and children. You are bound to find a pair that work for you.

There are six different face shapes. Depending on your unique facial structure, certain frames will better complement your appearance than others. When choosing frames, the goal is to create the most flattering aesthetic proportions to help you look your best:

  • Round face: Elongate the appearance of your face with wider, more angular frames, as opposed to circular or oval frames.
  • Oval face: Maintain the natural proportions of your face with a pair of frames that won't dominate your features. Frames should be slightly wider than the broadest portion of the face.
  • Square face: Elongate the appearance of the face and diminish strong angles with wide set, rounded frames.
  • Oblong face: Widen and shorten the appearance of the face with rounded frames or frames with emphasized horizontal lines.
  • Heart-shaped face: Add width below the eye line by choosing frames that have a wide base to balance the forehead and chin.
  • Triangular face: Widen the forehead and soften angular lines with frames that are broader on top and narrower along the base.
  • Diamond face: Widen the appearance of the forehead and jaw line to achieve balance with the mid-face. Frames of almost any shape will work as long as they are slightly wider than the broadest part of the face.

When choosing frames, our opticians will assist you in finding:

  • The perfect fit
  • A flattering frame shape
  • Frames that create ideal facial proportions
  • A style that complements your face shape and features

Sunglasses for Every Occasion

man wearing Polo sunglassesWhether you are looking for fashionable, sporty or classic everyday sunglasses to wear around town, the Northeastern Eye Institute optical department has the options you are looking for.  Our opticians can help you find sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and meet your vision needs.

Fashion Sunglasses

We have sunglasses from all of the top designers, representing the latest trends:

  • Oversized: These shades provide a glamorous look and outstanding protection from the sun.
  • Embellished: Adorned with rhinestones, etching, metal inlays, and other exquisite details, these styles are height of fashion and luxury this season.
  • Designer Logos: Fendi, Gucci, Christian Dior, and more. We have the widest selection of the hottest designer shades, straight from the runway.

Casual Sunglasses

woman wearing casual sunglassesFrom light-weight wire rims to durable plastic frames, we have a wide variety of casual sunglass styles to choose from. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, taking an afternoon stroll or enjoying a summer barbeque, we are sure to have a pair of sunglasses that will fit your everyday needs.

Action Sunglasses

Golfers, tennis players, fishermen, cyclists, and other active individuals have special sunglass needs. Not only do their sunglasses need to be durable, but they also need to stay in place during activity, offer exceptional sun protection and provide superior vision. We offer active sunglass styles form Bollé, Nike Vision, and other top designers.


Brands and Designers We Carry

We offer a wide selection of the most fashionable frames from leading designers, including:

Prada Designer EyewearHackett Designer EyewearCoach Designer Eyewear


Tory Burch Designer EyewearVogue Designer EyewearJill Stuart Designer Eyewear


Cole Haan Designer EyewearLucky Brand Designer EyewearPepe Jeans Designer Eyewear


Jessica McClintock Designer EyewearGloria Vanderbilt Designer Eyewear

Randy Jackson Designer EyewearFlexon Designer EyewearElle Designer EyewearEsprit Designer Eyewear

Contact our Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Optical Department

Please contact Northeastern Eye Institute using the form on this page or call 800-334-2233 today to schedule an appointment with one of our opticians. We serve patients in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton and the surrounding areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


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