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Offers A Wide Selection Of Fashion And Performance Frames

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Personalized Assistance

At Northeastern Eye Institute, our certified opticians will work with you to find the perfect set of glasses or "shades" to complement your style.

Revamped classic styles
Vintage favorites with a modern twist. Improvisations on the traditional cat-eye and square shaped frames in a variety of
Avant-garde designs
Go from ordinary to extraordinary eyewear. Your eyewear can make a statement by incorporating whimsical details
Prominent, high-fashion logos are the ultimate status symbol in eyewear. We carry Calvin Klein, Gucci, Fendi, and much more.
Rhinestone embellishments, delicate inlays, opulent materials, and other rich details can give your frames an exquisite look.
Our In-house
optical department
  • 45,000 square feet of clinical and office facilities
  • 14 diagnostic testing areas
  • 36 exam rooms
  • Surgical center
  • 6 patient waiting areas
  • Over 250 staff members to serve you

Eyewear for Every Lifestyle

Northeastern Eye Institute offers a wide selection of fashion and performance frames, as well as a variety of lens materials, allowing you to custom create the perfect pair of glasses to meet your needs.

The most popular lens we offer. These lenses are light and impact resistant, but not scratch resistant.
High index
Lighter and thinner lenses, especially with higher prescriptions. These lenses will provide more flexibility in frame selection.
The lightest and thinnest lens made. It is the most impact resistant, making it the best option for safety, sport and children's glasses.

Brands and Designers We Carry

We offer a wide selection of the most fashionable frames from leading designers, including:

Variety of Lens Types

Northeastern Eye Institute also offers a variety of lens types, including:

Provides correction for both near and distance vision.
Correction for close-up, mid-range, and distance vision.
Known as "no line" lenses, these provide smooth continuous correction.

A Frame for Every Face

Your frames should complement both your face shape and your lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of frames and styles for adults and children.

Round face
Elongate the appearance of your face with wider, more angular frames, as opposed to circular or oval frames.
Oval face
Maintain the natural proportions of your face with a pair of frames that won't dominate your features. Frames should be slightly
Square face
Elongate the appearance of the face and diminish strong angles with wide set, rounded frames.
Casual Sunglasses
From light-weight wire rims to durable plastic frames, we have a wide variety of casual sunglass styles to choose from.
Heart-shaped face
From light-weight wire rims to durable plastic frames, we have a wide variety of casual sunglass styles to choose from.
Triangular face
Widen the forehead and soften angular lines with frames that are broader on top and narrower along the base.
Diamond face
Widen the appearance of the forehead and jaw line to achieve balance with the mid-face.
These shades provide a glamorous look and outstanding protection from the sun.


Northeastern Eyewear offers a large selection of frames. We have both high-end frames and more affordable options, ensuring we have a style that will be the right fit for your unique needs. Some of our eyewear options include:

  • Revamped classic styles
  • Avant-garde designs
  • Designer logos
  • Luxurious details and embellishments to give your glasses a unique look

The right style of frame for you will depend on the shape of your face. We always encourage you to choose a frame that complements the shape of your face and your other facial features:

  • Round face — Wider, more angular frames tend to look best and will help elongate your facial appearance.
  • Oval face — You’ll want to choose a set of frames that won’t dominate the rest of your facial features. Look for a style that is slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.
  • Square face — Wide set, rounded frames will help elongate your facial appearance and minimize strong angles.
  • Oblong face — Rounded frames or frames with emphasized horizontal lines will help widen and shorten the appearance of an oblong-shaped face.
  • Heart-shaped face — Frames with a wide base will help add width below the eye line and balance your forehead and chin regions.
  • Triangular face — Frames that are broader on top and narrower along the base will help widen the appearance of your forehead and soften angular lines along your face.
  • Diamond face — Just about any style of frame will work with a diamond-shaped face. It’s best to choose a style that is slightly wider than the broadest region of your face.

At Northeastern Eye Institute, we offer both high index and polycarbonate lenses which can accommodate a high prescription without adding thickness to your lenses. One of our opticians can help you select the lens option that is best for you.

We offer athletic frames designed to stay on, fit comfortably, and remain durable during rigorous activity. Polycarbonate lenses are most often recommended for sports as they are light and strong, as well as scratch- and shatter-resistant.

Progressive and Transitions® lenses can provide you with the single pair of multipurpose glasses you are looking for. Progressive lenses provide smooth continuous vision correction from reading to distance, and a Transitions tint will darken and lighten lenses depending on lighting conditions.

The sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes in any light conditions, even on a cloudy day. Wearing sunglasses will provide your eyes with important protection from these harmful UV rays.

The sun is strongest between 10 am and 2 pm. While this is the peak time for UV ray damage, your eyes can still be impacted by UV rays any time you’re outside while the sun is out. Glare and reflections can also damage your eyes, so you should wear sunglasses anytime you’re out in the snow or near a body of water.

Yes. Cataracts, retinal dystrophies and macular degeneration can all make UV ray damage worse. Be even more careful if you have any of these conditions and always wear a good pair of sunglasses.

Your sunglasses should provide protection for your eyes and match your style. Look for sunglasses that provide 99-100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Whether you need high performance polarized lenses, comprehensive UV protection, or the latest fashions, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. With the help of a Northeastern Eye Institute optician, you are sure to find the sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and unique fashion sense.

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