Patient Testimonials - Vision Correction

"I just finished graduate school and started a new job. I spend many hours reading, studying, and working at the computer. Being able to see clearly for long periods of time without eye glasses pinching me or contacts irritating my eyes is a marvelous convenience. Having laser technology and a simple, quick procedure available to give you 20/20 vision is progress at its finest, an amazing benefit of which we should all take advantage. I couldn't be more pleased at how the procedure worked out and how wonderful the optometrists and staff at NEI were, and how easy the whole process was."


"Putting my eye glasses away in a drawer forever was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. Having 20/20 vision has given me great freedom at work and at home. As a visiting nurse, a registered nurse involved in clinical oncology research, and a graduate student, I put in a long day, use my eyes a lot in my work, and don't have time to deal with eye glasses or contacts. I was so nearsighted I couldn't see medication labels or read instructions unless the paper was right against my nose and I was squinting. Not only can I see well on the job and at school, I feel as if I look better, too, especially since I'm no longer scrunching up my face to see. The optometrist and the staff at Northeastern Eye Institute were so wonderful and helpful, answering my questions, being thorough in their exams. Plus, I knew the optometrist had a great deal of experience with this procedure. I always felt confident that I was in good hands."


"As an optometrist, I found myself answering more and more questions about laser vision correction for my patients. I would see such amazing results that I decided to enjoy the many benefits myself. I was familiar with the comforts and convenience of the procedure, as well as the excellent reputation of the NEI doctors, so the decision was an easy one for me. Despite all the enthusiasm and rave reactions I had heard from patients who had undergone the procedure, I had no idea of how wonderful the results would be until I experienced it myself. Hundreds of people are enjoying 20/20 vision, along with a carefree lifestyle without eye glasses, thanks to the excellent professionals at Northeastern Eye Institute. I am thrilled that I am one of them."

-Dr. Boland

"A working mother never has time to focus on one thing for very long. Fiddling around with contact lenses and the inconvenience that they often caused was just another thing I had to worry about. I felt compelled to take advantage of the new procedure and advances in vision correction so that my life, too, could be a little easier and a lot clearer. I strongly recommend the amazing benefits of eliminating or reducing nearsightedness or farsightedness from your life. Why live with it if you don't have to? It' s affordable, painless, and can provide you the best vision you ever had in your life."


"This year I made the decision to do something for myself and visit NEI. Dr Tom Boland took really good care of my eyes and now I can see without the aid of contacts or glasses. Ill recommend [Northeastern Eye Institute] 110%."

-DJ Zoey