Contact Lenses and Droopy Eyelids
July 21, 2015

Contact Lenses and Droopy Eyelids

A new study has found that both hard and soft contact lenses can contribute to prematurely droopy eyelids. The study, conducted on 96 sets of identical twins, found more ptosis (sagging) in the eyelids of those who wore contact lenses compared to those who did not. This was true even after factors including BMI, sun exposure, stress levels, sleep habits, smoking, and alcohol consumption were taken into account.

Contact lenses will contribute to eyelid dropping, but this is not necessarily a strong enough reason to stop wearing them. However, if potential aesthetic issues add to a growing list of reasons you’d like to discontinue wearing contact lenses, the NEPA ophthalmologists at our office would be happy to discuss LASIK and other permanent vision correction solutions with you in greater detail. With laser vision correction you can free yourself from prescription eyewear and contact lenses, helping reduce both aesthetic and medical issues that may arise from their use.

If you have begun to notice eyelid drooping and are interested in cosmetic rejuvenation, you may wish to consider blepharoplasty. With cosmetic eyelid surgery, our ophthalmologists can address ptosis and restore a more alert and youthful appearance to your entire face.

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